Au Secours Abstracts! (12) + poll

Help me choose!

Dear blogging wordpress friends and other unknowns, I humbly ask for your help; indeed, I have a chance to maybe participate in an Abstracts group exhibit (my first!)…

So, I need to submit 3 abstract photographs in the hopes they may choose one (which I will then print and frame!).

I have narrowed my choices down to 12 and would greatly appreciate it if you would indicate your 3 favorites by filling out the poll below the photos!

Of course, if you have a favorite – not included in these 12 –  from the Abstracts section of my blog, please feel free to put down the title – or titles – in the “other” box!

Thank you so very much; I really value your input! I have learned so much from all of you during these last 2 years.

(My deadline is tomorrow, Thursday 5 GMT, midnight (EST))







dalleray_5_abstracts_L’Ange Mystérieux6







12 thoughts on “Au Secours Abstracts! (12) + poll

  1. Terrific set. I voted for 1, 4, and 8 (unfortunately too late for your deadline) but 10 was right up there among my favorites. Can you let us pick 7 or 8 next time? That would make our job easier 🙂

  2. Thanks so much everyone, for taking interest in deciding which 3 photos to send in! In the end, I chose 1, 3 and 10… I will know by the end of February whether or not I will be part of the group exhibit. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

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